Cleanliness is our priority

Our Services for You:

Maintenance Cleaning

Regular surface, sanitary, or floor cleaning - We take care of cleanliness and hygiene in your business. You decide which services are important to you. With our special kitchen service, we can further relieve your employees upon request. We are happy to handle the unloading of dishwashers, cleaning of coffee machines, or refrigerators.

Glass Cleaning

You will receive a streak-free and spotless result. We use eco-friendly pure water devices among other tools. Whether tall buildings, box windows, or special cuts from old buildings – all windows are professionally cleaned.

Special Cleaning

Carpet cleaning, tile floor cleaning, facade cleaning, or graffiti removal – We also cater to your specific requirements.

Sustainability is important to us

We offer our customers the option to receive environmentally friendly cleaning. In doing so, we rely, among other things, on a line of cleaning products called Planta by Buzil, which is certified with the European Ecolabel and the Austrian Eco-label.

We are happy to provide suggestions for environmentally conscious office use. We initiate efforts for waste separation and reducing consumables such as plastic, paper, and hand soap. Our focus is on finding resource-saving alternatives. Through the use of dosing systems, foam soap dispensers, and pure water devices (for glass cleaning), we are already saving a significant amount of consumables.

Furthermore, our employees exclusively use e-mobility and other environmentally friendly transportation alternatives.

We are always interested in implementing new ideas from our employees and customers on environmental protection and working together towards a greener future.

Підтримуюче прибирання

Regular surface, sanitary or floor cleaning - we take care of cleanliness and hygiene in your company. You decide which services are important to you. Our special kitchen service also relieves your employees on request. We are happy to take care of emptying dishwashers, cleaning coffee machines or refrigerators.

Миття скла

A result is streak-free and spot-free. We use environmentally friendly pure water devices, among other things. Whether high buildings, box windows or special cuts from the old building - all windows are professionally cleaned.

Спеціальне прибирання

Teppichreinigung, Fliesenbodenreinigung, Fassadenreinigung oder Graffitientfernung – Wir realisieren auch Ihre spezielle Anforderungen.